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Because oil and water dont mix, as waste grease cools it can affect your plumbing. Problems such as pipe blockages and unpleasant smells at can occur in your premises. At the sewerage level, the problems can be even worse as too much grease interrupts the water treatment process. Blockages are an environmental issue, as water fouling can arise from excess oil, grease, and fat in the system.

Waste traps (such as an oil trap in Melbourne) come in a range of sizes for different requirements. The most common (used in residential kitchens) are relatively small. Slightly bigger ones can be located in the ground and can store large quantities of grease, businesses such as restaurants, for example, often use these in a commercial setting.

Oil traps in Melbourne are environmentally friendly, and this point can be utilised as a marketing point to promote your business. Plumbing problems like pipe blockages are eradicated, saving you money on plumbing costs and avoiding downtime. The waste can even be recycled and sometimes you will get a small fee for the grease, or a specialised company will come and collect it for you. This process saves you money by not having to do this yourself.

If you are thinking of installing an oil trap, Pioneer Plastics have been supplying waste traps in Melbourne since 1974 and have become one of the market leaders in the field during that time.


Our waste traps in Melbourne are designed for a variety of different uses to suit our customers’ needs. As different businesses have different requirements for the waste trap, we have produced a list of our various services:

  • Grease traps – used by restaurants or residential customers to stop pipes clogging and prevent grease entering the sewerage system, saving you the hassle of maintaining your plumbing system as frequently.
  • Petrol/Oil traps – used by businesses such as car washes and garages where spillage of such substances is likely.
  • Acid neutralisation – used by commercial companies producing pollutants that may be harmful to the environment.

For some of the above services, it could be the case that legislation requires you to prevent waste products entering usual waste channels. We can help by providing you with the perfect solution for your waste trap in Melbourne.

We are an Established Company

We have been in operation since 1974 so you can count on us to have the experience required to produce outstanding quality products. Our customer service based attitude has allowed us to grow from that small company created over 40 years ago, to one that is highly respected in the market today. We have achieved this by constantly innovating and listening to what our customers want and need – it is due to the respect that we have for our clients that we have become the company we have done.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and we will get back you quickly. If you would rather speak to someone over the phone, our staff are always happy to help.

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