Pioneer Plastics Pty Ltd | Grease trap, Fume Cupboard, Trade Waste: 1st for price, product quality, customer service and installation
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Pioneer Plastics provides top quality trade waste and fume handling equipment including but not limited to above and below ground grease traps and pump stations, fume handling equipment, fume cupboards and various custom plastic sheet fabrication.


Our Services

Design of trade waste and fume handling equipment

Fabrication of trade waste and fume handling equipment

Grease Trap fabrication and design

Programmed maintenance of trade waste and fume handling equipment

Design and fabrication of various custom plastic products

Delivery to Melbourne metro plumbing supplies stores and depots for transfer to country stores



When it comes to trade waste equipment, Pioneer Plastics are number 1 for price, product quality and customer service. From a minor grease trap fabrication to large scale kitchen or industrial oil interceptors, our fully qualified team does it all.


We believe that outstanding customer service and employee care is the pillar that any good business must be built on. Customer service is a corner stone of our business and it’s why we have so many return customers. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and call us today

Excellence in Service

We underpromise, carefully understate and overdeliver. If customer satisfaction has one sure thing, it’s about exceeding expectations and how well it works. People like to be pleasantly surprised, within limits. That is our promise

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